It took us 15+ years in the coffee industry to realize…

Coffee business owners continually shoot themselves in the foot.

And most don’t even realize it.

Our industry runs away from any marketing that sounds gimmicky, inauthentic, or outright deceptive. That’s good.

But we tend to swing too hard in the other direction, with marketing that’s boring, emotionless, and uniform. That’s bad.

This lack of strong messaging is why…

  • 9/10 coffee websites use the same few cliches (like “roasted to perfection” and “we travel the world to find the best beans”)
  • Customers have no idea what makes you different compared to everyone else… so they don’t buy from you!
  • Most coffee business owners are constantly frustrated by marketing that doesn’t yield any results (wasted money, boo)

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We’re here to help coffee businesses find authentic ways to brand and market that actually work.

🚀 Coffee Marketing School is a hub of step-by-step guidesindustry insights, and marketing strategies that have helped our friends and clients build sustainable businesses and converting online stores.

We’re exploring the black box of successful marketing for coffee shopsroasters, and online stores so everyone can build a brand they’re proud of, and one that customers connect with for the long-term.

coffee marketing consultant

Meet Garrett Oden ✈️

Garrett started as a barista, then coffee shop manager in Lubbock, Texas. He left the cafe in 2017 as a freelance copywriter for the coffee industry, developing expertise in brand messaging, content marketing, and conversion copywriting.

Garrett has worked with clients like Caffe Nero, Alternative Brewing, Amavida Coffee, Wacaco, and beyond.

Garrett’s happy place is on a plane, on the way to a country he’s visiting for the first time with his wife.

coffee marketing consultant

Meet Ryan Giesbrecht 🌵

Ryan worked as a barista at a plethora of shops in Tennessee and Texas. He begrudgingly left the cafe to build his own freelance marketing and ecommerce businesses. He’s an expert in ecommerce and project management operations, website copywriting, and digital marketing.

Ryan’s happy place is deep within the confines of a novel, only to be interrupted by his two doggos.

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