Fun Marketing: Why Cuvée Coffee’s New TikTok Series Is Killing It Right Now

by | Oct 29, 2020 | 🚀 Coffee Ecommerce

Coffee marketing is so serious. Here's an example of how doing something off-the-wall and fun can yield shocking results.
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If you’re anything like me, when you first encountered Tiktok, your first thought was, “Another video platform?!”and a few minutes later, “Kids these days…”

I’m a bit of an old soul (at the ripe age of 26).

But of course, there are always people who see beyond the quirkiness and spot the opportunity. One of these was Cuvée Coffee.

This Texas-based roastery and coffee shop realized the viral nature of Tiktok and how it mimics word-of-mouth marketing, then created a series of videos that’s taking off like crazy.

The Series: Will It Espresso?

The classic Will It Blend series from Blendtec is a legend. Going back to 2007 — just as YouTube was starting to gain real traction — Blendtec’s viral content marketing campaign inspired a generation of marketers.

Mike McKim, founder of Cuvée Coffee, was clearly one of the inspired. And less than a week ago, he created the first episode of his new series: Will it espresso? Ep 1: Beet Chips.

will it espresso beet chips

Watch the video, and you’ll probably flinch at putting anything other than coffee beans in an espresso grinder and machine.

Beet chips, dried bananas, red peppers. Yeah, Mike’s going all-out on this.

And it’s marketing gold.

Look At Those Numbers

Scroll around on the Cuvée account page and you’ll see a stunning difference between the account’s video performance from May to September, and October.


  • 17 videos
  • 1,626 views per video (avg)


  • 6 videos
  • 40,430 views per video (avg)

That’s a 25x boost in engagement.

Stats as of October 29.

Crazy, right?!

Fun Sells, So Why Is Coffee Marketing So Serious?

The average coffee company ad, social post, or website lacks the fun pizzazz and whimsy of Cuvée’s rising star Tiktok account.

“You think this is a GAME?! We’re professional baristas!”

We tend to be serious folks in the coffee industry. Dedicated experts. Craftsmen and women. The non-sell-outs to corporate life and mundane office drudgery.

But that’s not who our customers are.

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For most people, coffee is a daily moment of joy and energy. It’s that simple. 

So it’s no wonder that when regular coffee lovers discover coffee brands that meet them on their fun, not-too-serious level, they cling to them.

Here are a few quick suggestions on ways you can make your marketing more fun.

  • Get more personal. There are enough pro barista types out there. Who’s the real you when you’re not trying to impress people who don’t really care all that much to be impressed?
  • Experiment in public. You probably get wacko ideas for your business all the time–and then you keep them to yourself. Stop that. Make a video next time you try a funky coffee experiment or bake an off-the-wall pastry (pine and orange scone, anyone?). Customers love seeing their favorite brands try new things… even if they’re weird.
  • Invite customers to have fun. Ask one of your diehard fans to write a song about your brand, then share it. Get a local photographer to have a photoshoot with LEGO minifigures at the shop. Host a creative coffee drink Instagram challenge. Engage your people.

I bet we’ll see Cuvée’s account continue to skyrocket in the coming months. I mean, it’s only been… *checks notes*… six days and they’ve already amassed a significant following.

(And I bet their ecommerce sales reflect it, too.)

Back to you… How can you be more fun in your marketing?

Hey 👋 I'm Garrett Oden

Hey 👋 I'm Garrett Oden

Freelance Coffee Marketer

I'm a coffee industry native who works with coffee brands around the world to create and execute captivating marketing strategies.

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